Performance art

Is it performance art? Is it some sort of religious mashup? Is it a rorschach test? Does your answer to this indicate what kind of profession you should be pursuing?
Viewers were invited to sit across from the artist, also on a toilet.
"It's like a really bad Disney line experience."
Checking in on Shia during his 3-day movie marathon/performance art piece at the Angelika.
I headed to the Angelika Film Center to watch Shia LaBeouf watch Shia LaBeouf movies.
And for the next 3 days. You can join him, for free.
It's not directly related to her mattress project.
Watch the video, and try to tell us Glenn Beck isn't some next-level performance artist just hitting his stride.
An anonymous anti-Citi Bike activist/performance artist has taken a strong stand against the program, scrawling the word "SCAM" on the rear wheel of several bikes docked in Brooklyn Heights.
Local performance artist "makes a statement" by smearing red paint all over the subway, not cleaning it up.
Important life skills!
Here is a video of a performance artist doing her performance art in a backyard in Bushwick.
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