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In his hip-hop performance project "Slauson Malone 1," which appears at Abrons Arts Center on Sept. 24, LA-born, NY-bred artist Jasper Marsalis makes demands on his audience in pursuit of safe spaces for otherness.

Artist Sarah Cameron Sunde concludes her nine-year project to stand in water on six continents and allow the high tides to slowly engulf her.

Is it performance art? Is it some sort of religious mashup? Is it a rorschach test? Does your answer to this indicate what kind of profession you should be pursuing?

Viewers were invited to sit across from the artist, also on a toilet.

Checking in on Shia during his 3-day movie marathon/performance art piece at the Angelika.

I headed to the Angelika Film Center to watch Shia LaBeouf watch Shia LaBeouf movies.

Watch the video, and try to tell us Glenn Beck isn't some next-level performance artist just hitting his stride.