"It's hard to dance in your living room for a year and a half."
Every once in a while, we find it's important to stop and recognize passion when it is literally screaming in our face and won't stop.
Under the Radar isn't the only genre-busting experimental theater festival happening this month—P.S. 122 has just kicked off its 7th annual COIL Festival of experimental dance, theater and performance works.
A year removed from their "The Economy Sucks Let's Party Tour," members of the punk pop band Anti-Flag turned up at Zuccotti Park yesterday to perform an eight-song acoustic set for Occupy Wall Street protesters.
Chris Brown performed on the Today show this morning—and his fans lined up and camped out for days to see it in person.
Tightrope walker/ juggler/ pickpocket/ writer/ bullfighter/ magician Phillipe Petit is going Wireless! for his new one-man show at the Abrons arts Center this weekend.
Take a look at master marionette-maker Erik Sanko's studio, where he's been busy crafting puppets to reenact Ernest Shackleton's 1916 Arctic voyage for a new show at BAM.
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