Per se

Thomas Keller Restaurant Group allegedly "found out" Vanessa Scott-Allen "was pregnant and figured out a way to backpedal" on a job offer.
Wells's takedown hatchets the restaurant's "mangled" food and "sleepwalking" service, ultimately calling the restaurant "among the worst food deals in New York."
Meanwhile, the celebrated eatery charges $310 for their tasting menu.
The pricey eatery earned 42 points on an inspection in February.
Proof that bad photography can make a $500 dinner look like crap.
There are some gastronomic gems in NYC that should still be experienced, even if it's a once-in-a-lifetime event. Here are our favorites.
Does the Time Warner Center need a vomitorium? Because if the 'Confessions' in this week's New York is to be believed diners at our city's über-expensive restaurant throw up their dinners "a lot."
The Times food critic Sam Sifton offers his final review, calling Thomas Keller's pricey Per Se 'the best restaurant in New York."
The 14th best restaurant in America (Flickr user IrishNYC As the
Foie gras, the fatty liver (aka diseased organ) of male ducks
The Times visited Jonathan Benno, the outgoing chef of the four-star
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