Big Soda wants you to try some food made with Big Soda's other products.
Down for some Nacho Cheesier Pizza Hut or Cooler Ranch KFC?
BREAKING: "Regular Potato Chips Just Not Manly Enough" - Dudes.
Apparently Mountain Dew drinkers "didn't really see anything that fit their needs" in the mornings.
Starting this month Pepsi has started to distribute a new blend of their diet cola in an effort to make it taste "fresher," longer.
So don't worry about how your heatless house will handle that temperature drop, because you can bulk up on Cool Ranch-based body fat to keep you warm!
A researcher breaks down how the food industry plies doctors away from sound science, with "$5,000 to go speak to this meeting or that meeting.They'll fly you on business class tickets to exotic places."
America: where two hometown companies like Dunkin' Donuts and PepsiCo can
Fists With Your Toes' Flickr There was panic on the soggy
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