Pepper spray

An argument between straphangers escalated to a pepper spray blast, leaving four platform conductors and one passenger sick at Grand Central.
A man who allegedly sprayed a noxious substance at two MTA bus drivers on the same day this summer has been indicted.
Mao said she spoke up when the Pence fan's conversation with a diner worker turned to "so-called minorities."
And it's still not the strongest spray on the market.
"If these officers had been the least bit courteous, none of this would have happened."
It was during an attempted robbery.
Who now has an occu-fund for college.
Taxpayers have Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna to thank.
"All of a sudden they came out of that exit door and rushed her to the ground."
Cops are investigating a video that shows a woman spraying a teen with a substance on the subway after an ugly confrontation.
An agitated subway rider blasted a fellow straphanger in the face with pepper spray after he dozed off next to her on the 4 train.
This happened last night on an N train pulling into Union Square.
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