Picture what an apartment in the historic Woolworth Building should look like... now picture the opposite
The rental comes with fresh flower arrangements 'installed' weekly, outdoor showers on one of the two terraces, and... I'm too emotional to keep reading this listing.
There's 6,500 square feet inside and 3,100 square outside.
Hope she isn't Demi remoorseful about selling.
Don't hit your head on the ceilings, though.
There are terraces, a reflecting pool with lily pads, a stainless steel hot tub, wildflowers, a lawn, wooden benches...
The triplex penthouse is going for $28 million.
Only three bedrooms though!
Enjoy the video tour below, since this is almost certainly the closest you'll ever come to stepping inside this place.
1% forever.
It features a private, glass-enclosed elevator that may or may not transport you to your very own magical chocolate factory.
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