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A Manhattan judge has ruled that the NYPD must disclose the names of retired police officers who are collecting taxpayer-funded pensions.

In Fiscal Year 2014 there will be 459 fewer officers, bringing the total to around 34,500, down from a 2001 high of 40,800 officers.

Cuomo says the plan will save New York $80 billion over the next 30 years.

The widow of a former New York City school teacher has been accused of scamming the city out of $218,000 in pension payments over two decades.

The feds are going after more people in the LIRR disability pension fund mess.

And they make a good point, why have five city pension funds when one should suffice?

The federal complaint says that the defendants actions allowed retiring employees to make as much as they did pre-retirement.

It took investigators more than ten years to figure out that, despite still collecting her pension, Maria Sicardo was dead.

Governor Cuomo in Hempstead yesterday (Governor Cuomo's office) Yesterday, Governor Andrew

The courts have spoken: even coked-up police officers on disability retirement