A 17-year-old amusement park worker was hospitalized for a week after reminding two customers to wear a mask.
One man in New Jersey was charged with making a terroristic threat.
Promising he would ban tweeting from the Oval Office, Bloomberg declared himself the “un-Trump.”
The governors want to coordinate their efforts with regulating cannabis and vaping.
"In a scene resembling some dystopian future portrayed in a Terminator movie, mechanical cranes robotically plucked wrecked cars from the fire."
The Montgomery D.A.'s office says it will re-try the case.
"This is what I get for being a patriot."
"I believe without question it's a communication problem."
Apparently some people took issue with the "extreme gas and uncontrollable diarrhea" he suffered after surgery.
Contamination ran the gamut from wastewater spills to methane gas contamination to and wells running dry, rendering the water undrinkable.
The police are looking for the suspect.
A Pennsylvania man whose estranged wife allegedly attempted to castrate him survived a brush with life as a eunuch thanks to his thick jeans.
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