Penn station

Lawmakers have been concerned about the $7 billion project's funding.
The lawmakers wrote in a letter that "vital information about the proposed Penn Station deal has still not been provided to taxpayers and the lawmakers elected to ensure their dollars are spent wisely and their city is developed smartly.”
These low-hanging beams are what makes the Long Island Rail Road concourse feel so "dungeon-like" according to MTA chairman Janno Lieber.
Riders, city officials and advocates for unhoused populations describe how they’re approaching subway safety and dealing with the collective trauma from the Michelle Go tragedy.
Will NYC's taxpayers will end up footing the cost in subsidies?
The National Trust for Historic Preservation has called the project "hauntingly reminiscent of urban renewal strategies of the 1960s."
Their feedback ranged from "it’s a badly needed project that’s long overdue" to "it’s a destructive giveaway to developers."
The governor would first focus on upgrading Penn Station.
The project dubbed the Empire Station Complex has a price tag of $306 billion.
The project to replace and repair the Hudson River train tunnels is poised to move forward but can’t until Governor Cuomo commits to the state’s share of funding.
Governor Andrew Cuomo, however, has concerns for long-awaited project.
The huge project underneath Grand Central Terminal would provide an East Side connection to Long Island Rail Road.
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