Peeping tom

A bare-cheeked peeping Tom is reportedly on the loose, spotted dabbing in local backyards wearing only a wig, a bandanna, and sneakers.
Now she's taking it upon herself to try and identify the perv.
Port Authority police officers were found to be making false public lewdness arrests based on specious urinal observations nearly 15 years ago.
He's apparently watching from the school rooftop.
"I hope you accept my heartfelt apology for disturbing your lives," he said to his victims in court.
Gabriel Carbona was arrested Wednesday at the elevated Marcy Avenue J train platform after he allegedly was caught filming a woman masturbating in her apartment.
A respected NYU art history teacher was arrested on Monday and accused of being a peeping professor.
He also allegedly watched her getting dressed.
The officer's mother defended him: "My son is a very good boy and wouldn’t do a thing like that," 67-year-old Juliana Gomez said.
Some dudes in Midtown spotted a porno being filmed from their office window. Naturally, they took photos.
Just a friendly reminder to watch yourself at those public pools:
Lincoln Center Theater has terminated the contract of South Pacific stage
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