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A Brooklyn man accidentally shot himself in the groin after cops spotted him urinating in the street early this morning.

The tabloid takes issue with the City Council Speaker's push to decriminalize certain low-level offenses.

Remember: It is poor etiquette to pee in another person's elevator.

"You know how when you have a feeling someone is looking at you?...So I look over and see someone is smiling at me. It was like a smirk."

We've culled a few of the yarns that remain stuck in our blog craws so that you can while away the remaining hours of the year learning something about your city and yourself

Based on our viewings of the second season of "The Wire," we always thought urinating in public (or in bars, or with ducks, or next to guys named Horseface) was a way of life for stevedores.

Urologists aren't on board with Mayor Bloomberg's anti-pee break philosophy.

As longtime advocates of stoop drinking and booze zones, we decided to crunch the numbers and figure out where people complain the most about drinking in public. And also public urination.