A NYC Department of Education Employee has been arrested and charged with sex abuse and endangering the welfare of a child.
The suspect's brother claims they were not sexual photos: “None of the pictures he took were inappropriate. My brother is a very kind, sweet person.”
A former math teacher being sued in federal court for violating the rights of a student he he slept with has an interesting reason why he should not have to pay up.
David Harshorn, the 52-year-old Queens Little League coach charged with molesting
Wayne Bartley It may have been created by a satirical website,
Brian Bramly An Arizona rabbi was cuffed in the parking lot
Since everyone loves the online database that maps and gives rap
Rabbi Baruch Lebovits, courtesy FailedMessiah The Borough Park rabbi/travel agent accused
Former NYPD detective Brian Tuitt, who once tracked down pedophiles online,
Undercover cops have nabbed another would-be pedophile who thought he was
26-year-old Brighton Beach high school teacher Alexander Kravitz was arrested this
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