A new lawsuit accuses city officers of illegally stopping and searching pedicab officers in an attempt to find something to ticket them for.
One councilmember called the deal a "shotgun wedding" between the Teamsters and the mayor's administration.
They are calling the ban on pedicabs beneath 85th street a monopoly and say it will put them out of business.
One way to lure customers into your new outpost? Free pedicab rides!
Have you seen this baseball bat-wielding Tajikistan-born pedicab driver? Police say that on on June 4th he helped beat up two other pedicab drivers during a vague dispute in Central Park.
New pedicab regulations were motivated by horror stories of tourists getting ripped off by pedicab drivers.
Photo via Kevin H's flickr As mentioned in our newsletter earlier
Carriage horse (via lens jockey), Cab/Pedicab/Bus (via katiecarman), Pedestrian (via Andy
Photo via kerfuffle & zeitgeist's flickr As pedicab operators make the
Photo via Circular Ruins Flickr Following the pedicab crash off the
Pedicab operators like Jennifer Aniston are dreading the new restrictions. The
NBC New York has a video of a confrontation between Parks
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