A pedicab driver was slashed by a passenger outside Port Authority on Saturday, apparently outraged over the fare.
A new lawsuit accuses city officers of illegally stopping and searching pedicab officers in an attempt to find something to ticket them for.
Three tourists from Michigan could have cut their losses after being swindled out of $500 from a corrupt pedicab driver. But they didn't.
Welcome to New York!
The City Council passed a bill that will require pedicab operators to use a meter which charges a fixed rate per minute.
We've heard plenty about rotten taxi shenanigans, from drivers who refuse
A pedicab driver was arrested and charged with assault on Friday
Photo via Kevin H's flickr As mentioned in our newsletter earlier
Insisting they're "not all a bunch of lawless renegades," the Post
Last year Times Square got a new LED-lit ball for its
Carriage horse (via lens jockey), Cab/Pedicab/Bus (via katiecarman), Pedestrian (via Andy
Photo via kerfuffle & zeitgeist's flickr As pedicab operators make the
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