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Of course, the law (and proper NYC bike etiquette) requires that cyclists yield to pedestrians.

'We all are trying to share the road, trying to get wherever we have to get to safely, but how can we if it’s never really safe?'

Police have yet to arrest the driver who struck an elderly Brooklyn woman in a crosswalk this weekend.

While the talk show host expressed sympathy for victims' families, she continued to complain about protected bike lanes.

'Once we realized we were all stuck, we couldn't turn back.'

Bollards and street redesigns to prevent drivers from achieving ramming speeds are what are needed to prevent future mass casualty car attacks, experts say.

"I made the decision to crash into a telephone pole. It turns out the break line had frozen."

Victoria Nicodemus was killed in December by a driver who struck her while she was driving on the sidewalk.

There have been two dozen crashes and three pedestrian deaths at the intersection since 2009.

Coss "assumed the risk of the injuries and/or damages claimed" when he crossed the street and was killed by an NYPD officer.