Pedestrian plazas

The zones were a hit: 'It's so nice to have to have some space, and not have to worry about cars.'
It almost makes us want to go to Midtown!
Times Square went from a tourist-filled hellscape to a slightly less crowded tourist-filled hellscape with nice places to sit.
With likely "flow zones" reserved for walking.
Legislation that would empower the DOT to enact Plaza-specific rules will go up for vote tomorrow.
"Let's be clear what the real problem is," the Joker declared at a Gotham City Council hearing today. "The real problem is about looking different."
"There are many city streets that are over-built for cars. There's virtually cities trapped between the lanes."
For all his progressivism, Future Mayor Bill de Blasio is still a bit unsure about this pedestrian plaza business
The DOT wants dramatically rejigger the layout of the seven block stretch, moving the bike lane from its current position on the east side of Broadway and over to the west, with car traffic.
Would you believe that by allowing pedestrians and cyclists more room to safely navigate New York's streets away from the screeching metal boxes that belch dinosaur guts into our lungs, local businesses thrive?
“Rowdy teenagers are not going to want to stand around and listen to a string quartet."
If you're doing a story on pedestrian plazas and bike lanes, it helps to interview people using pedestrian plazas and bike lanes.
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