Pedestrian plaza

Times Square went from a tourist-filled hellscape to a slightly less crowded tourist-filled hellscape with nice places to sit.
The Garment District Alliance hopes the costumed characters stay away, though.
There have been two dozen crashes and three pedestrian deaths at the intersection since 2009.
Let's make it so.
The desnudas were in full force yesterday afternoon.
Times Square is either a hellhole or an oasis, depending on who you are.
But like everything else, they won't last.
The pedestrian plazas in Times Square have been a success (for most people) so why not bring more of them to the city, right?
Officials unveiled some much-needed safety improvements along Delancey Street today: "Crossing Delancey Street should not be the stuff of fiction, and it should not just be for the brave of heart," DOT Commissioner Sadik-Khan said.
It isn't like Vanderbilt Avenue is good for much else anyway.
Cantankerous NY Post columnist Steve Cuozzo is OBSESSED with the Times Square pedestrian plaza, which he says "gutted" Times Square's "unique energy," and turned it into "a campground for mostly low-spending tourists."
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