Pedestrian killed

On Tuesday, police classified the incident as a homicide. A suspect has not yet been identified.
She was crossing Broome and Centre Streets when she was hit by a cab driver.
According to Councilman Mark Treyger, the city has 'known for years that drivers regularly disregard this stop sign.'
Her aunt said, 'She was so pumped to get that dream job. She was a go-getter — with grace.'
A 31-year-old resident of Neptune Beach, Florida was killed around 1:20 a.m. today by a NYC Sanitation truck on the Upper East Side.
A man whose surveillance camera caught the incident said, "You can see that she pushes the boy out of the way."
A driver who killed a pedestrian crossing an Upper West Side street was sentenced to at least five years in prison.
Axel Pablo On August 14, a cab driver struck and killed
Last night, a Brooklyn woman was fatally struck by a driver
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