Pedestrian deaths

So far this year 30 New Yorkers were killed on Bronx streets, up from a low of 13 people killed in 2019.
The number of pedestrian fatalities is up 65% in the first four months of this year, the highest total since Mayor de Blasio took office.
But most city councilmembers weren't around to hear the revelation.
"If process of saving lives means we lose some parking spaces, that's a good choice."
An advocacy group for victims of traffic violence is calling out the city's district attorneys for failing to file criminal charges against drivers who kill pedestrians.
"I'm sure the driver who killed my mom is very happy. I'm sure he's going to spread the message to everyone he knows: I killed someone and went free."
The NYPD says the woman was crossing at the "marked intersection" but it's unclear if she had the right of way.
The funding will go towards 13 safety projects in areas that have been pinpointed as high-risk.
The DOT today changed signs along Prospect Park West, lowering the speed limit from 30 to 25 mph.
"Each tragedy is a clarion call that we need more pedestrian safety improvements now,"State Senator Daniel Squadron says.
As we've seen demonstrated with revolting frequency, it's easy to get away with murder in this town: just get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle and stomp down on the gas pedal.
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