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A new city rule that went into effect this week requires vehicles and bikers to yield to pedestrians even if there is no stoplight or stop sign.

The beloved public school teacher was struck by a Rolls Royce driver, who then fled the scene.

A wisp of a bridge, suspended by cables, 20-feet wide with a lane for cyclists, and one for people walking is a proposal from a group of traffic planners and engineers.

The proposal would eliminate a precedent long cited by local district attorneys as justification for letting killer drivers walk free.

The 83-year-old driver was backing out of the family's driveway in his Mercedes S550 when he struck his wife, police said.

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Several people were hospitalized on Friday, including three pedestrians, following a multi-vehicle crash in Brooklyn, police said.

A hit-and-run driver was arrested in Queens on Tuesday, after reportedly killing a homeless man on his way to work.

A state appeals court has ruled that a critical portion of the Right of Way Law, which made failure to yield to pedestrians or cyclists a misdemeanor offense, is constitutional.

On Tuesday, police classified the incident as a homicide. A suspect has not yet been identified.