Peanut butter

"That’s right, free breakfast, and if you missed it, you can just swipe a dollop off of any of the straphangers who exited after."
"It was kinda funny, sitting there staring at my hand thinking, 'This would be a really dumb way to go.''
"Hey, you got peanut butter in my Cronut! You got Cronut in my peanut butter!"
A former New Yorker says he was arrested for joking about explosives after LaGuardia workers confiscated his gourmet peanut butter, and now he's suing the agency.
Mmm...chunky salmonella peanut butter—delightful with strawberry jam and artisanal bread!
Don't expect to see the price of a PB&J go down anytime soon.
Nooooooo! Unilever America has announced a recall of Skippy® Reduced Fat
To kick off National Peanut Month in March, the Greenwich Village sandwich
Here's video of six-time Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest champion
Ugh: The already distressing case of the murdered school teacher Leah Walsh
If you’ve got a sweet tooth and a couple hundred bucks to
Being Bled Dry Thanks to the long awaited storm that hit us
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