"I didn't bring any of the kitchen staff in, but I'm cooking tater tots to go with every order. So everybody gets tater tots and a cocktail if they order."
Dante, The NoMad Bar, PDT, and Blacktail all took home honors for excellence in drinks.
Sometimes you can't avoid the call of the cocktail, which beckons with its tasty tinctures served in fancy glasses.
Consider Campari, the alarmingly bright red apertif you thought was only consumed by foreigners smoking Treasurers as they silently judge you.
Jim Meehan isn't Danny Meyer. He isn't Milk & Honey owner
Mari Vanna Mari Vanna: The latest addition to New York's niche
Home bartenders have been busy riding out the recession with crafty
The new issue of all things meat, all the time magazine
There’s a new kind of fungus you can buy on St.
Today marks the 75th Anniversary of the repeal of Prohibition, so expect
AMNY ruined elitist drinkers’ fun today by outing some “secret” watering holes
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