In related news, the bar for your "crazy weekend" just got perhaps unreachably high.
His attorney reportedly plans to appeal the sentence.
He faces up to life in prison.
Only the sale, not possession (for now).
A Pennsylvania man has been arrested after slamming into a Port Authority vehicle outside the Holland Tunnel yesterday evening while allegedly screaming, "I want to kill cops."
39-year-old Abel Joseph allegedly gave conflicting testimony in a case involving a man dealing PCP in East Harlem.
"People started laughing out loud," remembers Bill Paxton, "Others started crying. It was total Bedlam."
We're not sure what it is about drugs these days that make people lust for a taste of human flesh.
In the past two weeks, two Camden, NJ children have been killed by people who allegedly smoked "wet."
An East Harlem drug ring who made more than $1 million a year peddling PCP/Angel Dist, heroin, and crack have been shut down by police.
34-year-old Adam Greenberg pled guilty in exchange for the sentence, which was light because police in an impound lot destroyed his car before his defense team could analyze the vehicle for mechanical issues.
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