If you smell the whiff of manure around Madison Square Garden this weekend, you can rest assured it isn't just the Knicks—Professional Bull Riding has returned to MSG!
Except they don't have a recipe.
Philadelphia's beloved Frankenburger joint, PYT, is expanding to NYC. And that means they'll hopefully be bringing along their disgustingly-delicious Fried PBR burgers.
Apparently times have been troubled for everyone's favorite family fun and entertainment center, and they've agreed to a $950 million buyout.
The commemorative World War II can series honors the United States Army and comes complete with patriotic stars and the "Yes We Can" slogan.
If you get slapped with a $7 bar tab for a Budweiser, feel free to blame that bearded dude sitting next to you drinking a $2 PBR.
The sport is simple: riders attempt to stay on the bull for eight seconds without allowing their free hand to touch the animal.
Our full coverage of the Garden's most unique event of the year will run tomorrow, but for now enjoy the eye candy.
Patrick Swayze used to be the face of PBR? And PBR used to be the choice of beverage at the disco?
Yesterday, we were tantalized by the "hipster trap," baited with PBR, American
Have you spotted a "Hipster Trap" in your neighborhood? Reddit user
We were pretty sure that nothing could make the Times Square pedestrian
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