The payphone is headed to the Museum of the City of New York as part of a new exhibit about pre-digital life in NYC.
The DoITT is starting with the pay phones in Hell's Kitchen this month, and will likely remove all remaining pay phones they operate in the city soon after.
Documenting the last days of the payphone era.
Call someone you love... from a payphone!
If you're wondering what happens to some of those disappearing payphones, look no further than upper Manhattan.
Every Manhattan payphone, from Inwood to the Financial District, has been turned into a geo-located time capsule from 1993.
The payphone is dead, long live the payphone! Last night Mayor Bloomberg announced the winners in the city's Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge.
The city wants your help re-imagining our payphones. Should payphones offer USB charging? Skype? Cupcakes?
Payphones, those relics of a lost age of personal freedom and superhero quick changes, are about to get an upgrade.
The recently-engaged street artist Posterchild has an idea for the city's
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