Pay to play

"Rehashing stories doesn't make them true," the mayor charged.
“I always gave money, as long as I could get results," Rechnitz said.
The mayor had promised that it would.
A grand jury has reportedly heard evidence in the wide-ranging corruption case.
The announcement comes a day after his appointees infuriated most of the legislature by denying lawmakers pay raises.
"It defies common sense that limits that work so well during the campaign should be set aside once the candidate has assumed elected office."
"There's no better way" to stop corruption, except all the other, more pressing ways.
Imagine: $855 million in contracts ended up going to campaign donors.
One donor tried to get Thompson's wife a job as president of the ASPCA. A few years later, Thompson poured $324 million of NYC pension money into his fund.
Hevesi's 2006 mugshot Former State Comptroller Alan Hevesi was just sentenced
Former State Comptroller Alan Hevesi, 71, was sentenced to one to four
Financier (and friend of Bloomberg) Steven Rattner will pay $10 million
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