Pavilion theater

Nitehawk anticipates 12 months of renovations, which means the new theater will open in late 2017.
A little bit of Brooklyn has been saved.
A developer slated to smash apart bed bug hive Pavilion Theater and replace it with an art house cinema and condos has scaled back its original plan following community criticism.
Designs for a newly renovated Pavilion theater and adjoining five-story condo complex were met with sharp criticism from Windsor Terrace and Park residents last night.
The basic structure and exterior of the building will be preserved, but the interior will undergo heavy renovations.
When a blogger was invited for an exclusive sneak peek at the "newly refurbished" Pavilion Theater in Park Slope, the results weren't pretty
Going to the movies this weekend? Don't forget your bed bug seat cover!
Photograph by Neil Epstein After the heady rush of opening presents—or
Moviegoers who tried to beat the heat by packing a matinee screening
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