Paula deen

Brandon Branch, who also serves as Deen's creative director, has been tweeting about the trip. And shockingly, it's not quite the "exciting party at sea" it's advertised to be.
She also says one of her meatballs is the "nastiest" she's ever eaten!
Paula Deen doesn't think food gave her diabetes, but her weight.
Tom Hanks stopped by to chat Oscars with Hill, too.
Paula Deen also walks 30 minutes a day.
In addition to an internet angry over her diabetes "coverup," high-blood pressure worries and local gyms making fun of her, now the Food Network's Butter Queen has rumors of familial discord to deal with.
The troubles for Southern Butter Queen and recently outed diabetic Paula Deen continue! She's lost her publicist and would prefer we not talk about her high blood pressure.
Is the news that American's benevolent butter queen brought diabetes upon herself really that surprising?
A shocking announcement from a TV personality known for her healthy lifestyle.
Does the queen of Southern butter-based cooking have a secret? Last April the National Enquirer reported the Food Network star suffers from Type 2 Diabetes and she never responded. The Daily thinks it knows why.
After being dubbed a food elitist, Anthony Bourdain regrets telling the truth about Paula Deen.
The former NYT restaurant critic calls out Bourdain's "ill-timed culinary elitism."
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