Paul scheer

Remember watching TV? A conversation with Pete Holmes, Paul Scheer, and binge-watching experts.
Thursday April 5th at 10:30 on MTV, the world will say, "Hello,"
Even before they were a part of our first ever Laughable Hype
Looks like Aziz Ansari has transitioned from blogs to television, and
Of course the big news in New York movies this weekend is
READINGS: An afternoon event for those of you who don't need to
Tonight, after a day of rooftops and BBQ...head over to UCB Theater
So far we've found nothing funny about the month of January, hopefully
Gothamist loves that on any given night, the performers and writers who
Vital Stats: - Paul Scheer - 29 years old - Grew-up on
Gothamist has been wondering why more people aren’t talking about R. Kelly’s
Thank you to everyone for coming out to the first ever
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