Paul ryan

'I haven’t seen this many New York liberal elites and Wall Street CEOs in one room since the last time I visited the White House,' he said.
Tonight the Catholic elites will gather to benefit the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation, with House Speaker Paul Ryan as the keynote guest.
Protesters chants included "Paul Ryan you will pay / For trying to kill the ACA," "Not just for Paul! Health care for all!"
Protests are also expected.
'We couldn’t get one Democratic vote and we were a little bit shy, very little,' Trump told a Washington Post reporter.
The vote on the Republican ACA repeal is today, and passage of the bill looks murky at the moment.
"Any attempt to defund Planned Parenthood would set reproductive rights back by decades."
Women, do not be mistaken: Paul Ryan and the GOP have just waged war on you.
They are great in number and vast in scope.
This is a love story about an author and her ethos.
New York politicians and lawmakers are blasting the 67 Representatives who voted no on the bill.
The bill was put together by Senate Democrats after a request from President Obama earlier this month. And unsurprisingly, it was met with considerable opposition, particularly from Republican congressmen.
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