Paul mccartney

Preparations for the invite-only show are underway inside Vanderbilt Hall near the front of Grand Central Terminal.
According to the MTA, 50,000 cards were printed and will be available at the station, while supplies last.
"I reckon we gotta play it one more time," McCartney said before they launched into "I Saw Her Standing There" for a second time.
Grown men were screaming "I love you!" and people were even hugging the security staff when the show was over.
Fey & Poehler sang Christmas jingles, introduced men to their second wives, brought back Sarah Palin & 2008 Hillary, parodied Taylor Swift, made silly faces, and performed with Bruce Springsteen.
Celebrities sure know how to celebrate.
Everyone who got into Irving Plaza last night was treated to all the classic silly love songs that have made Macca an icon for multiple generations.
Kanye West sideman Paul McCartney has just announced a surprise Valentine's Day show at Irving Plaza tonight.
In addition to jumpstarting the '90s GAP commercial revival, the video also contains the trio's new single, "FourFiveSeconds."
It's a question that has haunted all of human history, starting from the days of Plato always going on about the vibes of "Plastic Ono Band" and Aristotle arguing passionately for the superiority of "Hey Jude."
Jimmy Fallon was the official host of last night's jolly, enjoyable Christmas-themed "Saturday Night Live." But he brought along Timberlake as his co-host, and lots of guest stars too.
Sad Macca is sad about not getting that Nets t-shirt. Let's go to the videotape...
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