Paul cortez

Cellphone records won out in court over the testimony of an eyewitness
Since cellphone technology is just about commonplace there days, the police and
A State Supreme Court judge sentenced 27-year-old Paul Cortez to 25 years
It's really hard to joke about a sex trial where a female
After a few days of deliberations, a jury found Paul Cortez guilty
Closing arguments were made in the trial of Paul Cortez, who is
Testimony in the trial of Paul Cortez, accused of murdering ex-girlfriend Catherine
Paul Cortez took the stand in his murder trial yesterday. Accused of
Fifty pages of murder suspect Paul Cortez's diary were read aloud
The first day of Paul Cortez's murder trial was filled with tears
While it's unclear whether Paul Cortez will keep his sometimes-absent lawyer as
When a judge threatens you with contempt when you don't show up
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