Paul browne

Kelly could consult on security issues for the White House OR Rupert Murdoch!
Paul "Prevaricatin'" Browne, the man New Yorkers pay over $100,000 a year to lie about NYPD misconduct, will go shovel bullshit somewhere else.
Also, did you realize that NYPD spokesman Paul Browne will answer questions about Amanda Bynes?
"Deputy Inspector McCormack did what a good commander is supposed to do," NYPD spokesman Paul Browne said.
"Keying radios is juvenile at best and potentially life-threatening,” Commissioner Kelly said.
The report states that the most common crime suspected of those stopped was "weapons possession," but data shows that more stops doesn't necessarily mean a considerably larger proportion of weapons are found.
75% of voters approve of the job Kelly is doing, while only 18% disapproved.
19-year-old Shamiur Rahman, a Queens native of Bengali descent, says he was approached by a plainclothes officer and asked to gather information and photographs as part of a strategy called "create and capture."
Much of the footage is heavily edited, especially scenes that include arrests. Still, some of it is illuminating, and contradicts the statements or positions made by city officials defending the raid
Five journalists were arrested covering Occupy Wall Street protesters this weekend, while others reported an atmosphere of harassment and intimidation from police officers.
Gothamist's deeply embedded police sources say that the cops were merely interrogating some ground chuck that had made furtive movements on a fire escape.
“We have, in the police academy, training on issues of conduct unbecoming a police officer and you’re expected to act appropriately on and off-duty,”
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