Patti smith

Last week, Mayor de Blasio gave a key to Spike Lee.
Smith will perform to honor the memory of artist Robert Mapplethorpe on the anniversary of his death, March 9th, 1989. You will be able to watch online.
Smith's memoir won the citywide book contest.
After an opening night party taking place in late April, Patti Smith and Her Band will perform on May 1st.
We caught up with the famed nightlife photographer to talk about the changing city, the summer of 1977, and the best photo he ever took.
In spite of a little stumble, it was a beautiful performance.
Jack Douglas is one of the most pivotal figures in rock history, and today he tells us about working with Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, Allen Ginsberg, Patti Smith, Nina Simone, Lou Reed, and more.
It'll be the first full-length documentary on the photographer since his death in 1989.
"Penny Dreadful" creator John Logan will serve as showrunner.
A collaboration between MoMA and the Rockaway Artists Alliance has yielded a summer-long arts festival at Fort Tilden.
Rockaway is hosting a summer-long contemporary arts fest.
Riverside Church was chosen for the event in part because it was where King gave his stirring "Beyond Vietnam" speech in 1967,
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