Patsy grimaldi

And you thought a knife and fork was bad.
He returns! Patsy Grimaldi is back with his new pizza place, Juliana's, in the space formerly occupied by Grimaldi's. It's complicated... but delicious.
The lawsuit tries to block pizzaiolo Patsy Grimaldi from opening his new joint Juliana's down the street from displaced Grimaldi's in Dumbo.
There is still time to get your final pie of Grimaldi's pizza before Patsy Grimaldi reclaims the famed restaurant.
Today is no longer the last day for pizza. The drama surrounding Brooklyn pizza institution Grimaldi's surprise move next door struck a tragic note this weekend.
Grimaldi's move to a new location may be ruined by an illegally coal oven, while Patsy Grimaldi will open Juliana's with Grimaldi's old coal oven.
80-year-old Patsy Grimaldi, who sold his DUMBO pizzeria in 1998, is all set to open a new pizzeria in the old Grimaldi space next spring.
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