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James announced legislation on Friday aimed at establishing more stringent use-of-force guidelines for all law enforcement officers across the state.

Pat Lynch's 'guys got up and there was shoving and pushing.'

Jabbar, who hasn't been charged with anything related to the shooting, was arraigned on Friday on weapons and drug charges, and was released without bail.

The police officers' union president is being accused of not doing enough to help indicted cops.

Relations between the DA's office and the police are particularly strained, with another source saying, "It's never been this bad. Guys are unhappy with the [DA's office] and they're making it known."

Michael Mineo Although a jury found three NYPD officers not guilty

A new law takes mercy on hobbled prison inmates who, for

Someone in the NYPD bureau responsible for preventing police corruption leaked

The Patrolmen's Benevelont Association has negotiated a tentative deal with a 17%