You can watch over a dozen full or partial Bruce Springsteen concerts in glorious quality from the last 40+ years on YouTube.
Say it with me: USA! USA!
An Iraqi war vet was denied entry to a Six Flags theme park in New Jersey for wearing his "Keep Calm and Return Fire" tank top, which features a star-spangled M-16.
In the words of one of the eager ESPN commentators, it was "the greatest achievement in the history of man."
Principal Greta Hawkins was accused of being unpatriotic for banning kindergartners from singing "God Bless The USA" while allowing Justin Bieber tunes—now she is being investigated for allegedly striking an 11-year-old.
Principal Hawkins won't allow kindergartners to sing the song "God Bless The USA" at their commencement ceremony—but she is OK with them singing Justin Bieber's "Baby." Can't we all just agree that both songs suck?
"It was the most disrespectful thing I have ever seen," the victim says of McKelvey's behavior.
It appears the Taser-fueled brawl at yesterday's Jets game was sparked by a perceived lack of patriotism on behalf of the man who was ultimately arrested.
A concern for One World Trade Center: Lightning.
It's a shame: they went splendidly with your Truck Nutz and 40oz American Flag Koozie.
Last month little Brianna Fischer of Cobble Hill was watching a
metsgrrl's Flickr You'll recall that the city recently agreed to pay
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