Patrick stewart

Though he's previously eschewed these fried bits of tendon and glory, apparently Pok Pok NY's wares were enough to entice him.
The actor Tweeted some deep pizza philosophy this morning.
It appears P. Stew's lost some kind of bet here, but he's made the rest of us winners.
Would that all of Brooklyn were all this cool.
Gothamist has gotten ahold of photos from Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen's NYC adventure—check those out below, along with some exclusive commentary from the duo.
He also reveals just what's in all those bottles of hooch his characters drink on stage.
The venerable actor told the Daily Show he was resistant to the idea of a costume but once he saw it he "had to put it on!"
P-Stew is the greatest.
Magneto and Professor X took the stage with Times theater reporter Patrick Healy.
Magneto, Spock, Captain Jean Luc-Picard, Gandalf, and Professor X were all hanging out together on Coney Island yesterday.
Sir Patrick Stewart and BFF Sir Ian McKellen took a break from rehearsals today to pose for this adorable picture with a Times Square Elmo.
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