The coffee is great, but don't sleep on Jared Sexton's pastry program.
Marble Dessert Bar also serves excellent baked goods during the day.
A strawberry tart New York Slice is among the offerings.
People started lining up at 5:30 a.m. for the pastry chef's weekend-long residency at Dominque Ansel bakery.
Step inside Bed-Stuy's Pilar Cuban Bakery and you might, for a moment, think you're in Miami instead.
Floral designer Xue Ling and pastry chef Carla Di Virgilio bring 'a kingdom of flowers and delicacies' to 14th Street.
Anyone who has made a quick caffeine pitstop in the Eternal City knows that to sip espresso in Rome typically means leaning against a small counter.
Their signature microwaved apple pie has been upgraded with a latticed crust, and they'll also serve things like chocolate and plain croissant.
The donnoli (connoli+donut) showed up quietly, and as the wan afternoon sun has already begun to fade, soon to deposit us into icy, wind-whipped night, we were glad.
Cronuts are the new cupcakes.
One of the things that makes eating dim sum in New
This week in New York life is like a box of chocolates
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