David's Brisket House is named for the brisket, which is good, but let's talk about the pastrami, which is GREAT.
Want to turn your Katz's pastrami sandwich into a healthy bowl? They showed us how. Not that you should ever do this.
Workers and the tenants upstairs are getting antsy.
The sandwich superstars are opening an outpost in the forthcoming Dekalb Market Hall in Downtown Brooklyn.
Plus, they have EELS!
Crazy price hikes on the popular cut have forced restaurant owners to make tough decisions.
Other local businesses aren't so lucky.
The NYPL's new exhibit covers everything the first public school lunch programs (started here!), automats (including an actual one!), power lunches (coined here!), pastrami (basically invented here!), and of course, food carts (perfected here!).
There's pastrami, turkey, corned beef, and salami on ten pieces of rye bread with Muenster and American cheeses, cole slaw, sweet peppers and Russian dressing.
Or should our sandwich involve a bagel?
Carmelo Anthony was traded to the Knicks in a blockbuster deal.
Serious Eats Save the Deli reported yesterday that Carnegie Deli owner
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