Party bus

The days of hedonistic party buses filled with boozed-up teens on leather-interior highs may be coming to an end.
These guys were spotted riding on top of a party bus roof through the East Village.
"He knew right from wrong, and I just really don't know what possessed him to do that."
One party bus operator said, "I don’t think it's an issue of it being a party bus. An accident can happen in a car."
The teen stuck his head out of the double decker bus's hatch, hitting an overpass.
Authorities believe that the assailant dropped the gun off on the party bus after shooting 20-year-old Joel Ochoa, and fled the scene before police arrived.
The victim was taken to Bellevue in stable condition. Police detained everyone on the party bus (now a Corrections bus?) and found marijuana and the handgun on board.
Matthew Fox punched a woman in her lady parts.
Justice against unnecessary noise makers comes in many forms. In this case, it's a few beer bottles and toned calves.
In what may be the least shocking news item of the
A group of about 40 young adults in Queens celebrating a girl's
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