Kurt David has been charged twice for the parties on Harrison Street, including on March 19th when sheriffs broke up a party there with more than 123 people allegedly drinking alcohol, smoking marijuana, and not wearing masks.
"I enjoy my neighborhood being alive, but over the last month or so it's gotten crazy."
The college sent students home earlier this month after more than 500 infections were confirmed.
Neighbors tell Gothamist that a townhouse at 789 Bushwick Avenue has become a nightmare for the area, with multiple mask-free parties being thrown regularly over the last three months.
"We’re getting a lot of positive feedback. As long as that's happening, we don’t feel like we’re doing anything wrong."
"This group not only put themselves at risk, based on the fact that no one was wearing a mask, but more important to me, they put my bus operator at risk," said MTA Bus President Craig Cipriano.
The parties, which are billed as the "most exclusive" in New York, cost thousands for a table, and regularly go past the 11 p.m. outdoor dining curfew.
"The pressure is building, and people need a release. It's already happening. We can do it more safely, or we can pretend it isn't happening."
Over half of the people in the town to test positive for coronavirus in the last week are between 16 and 21.
"It comes as a shock to us that these venues that cater to out-of-towners are disregarding the rules that we need to abide by to get out of the pandemic together."
"All the staff were wearing masks. But not the clients—no one was wearing masks, no one was social distancing, 100%."
This dubious data analysis tried to score 100 U.S. cities on three metrics: Friendliness to trick-or-treaters, Halloween fun, and Halloween weather.
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