Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo have done a lot to woo Amazon, but could they have done more?
The musical focuses on the show's first season.
Billy Crystal and Daniel Stern's characters from 'City Slickers' reunite and enter 'Westworld.'
Meyers returned form a break with a Making A Murderer cold open.
The lines are increasingly difficult to draw.
"We do not apologize for the inconvenience... we are no longer going to apologize when we have nothing to be sorry for. The world is uncertain, and you're just gonna have to deal with it."
What if the MTA used their loudspeakers to judge, shame, and editorialize while you were trapped in their train cars?
"I did it for that sweet, sweet Mail Chimp money!"
The creators went to such impressive lengths to pull every detail from Pitch Perfect to relate it to September 11th, at times it's dizzying.
A very meta Aaron Sorkin sketch.
Move over, Taylor Swift.
You're not on Alderaan anymore, princess. (And you never will be because your jagoff father BLEW IT UP.)
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