Rich pork belly. Need we say more?
Open wide for gut-busting red sauce glory.
The retro red sauce joint will open in the next six months.
There will henceforth be no reason to ever leave the borough again.
Hard to be too surprised that the team, which was looking at the Tavern on the Green earlier this year, has been tapped to run the central concessions beneath the High Line.
The owners of the hot and trendy restaurants Torrisi Italian Specialties and Parm are among the restaurateurs sniffing around the dessicated corpse of Tavern on the Green, which the Parks Department showed off today.
Please don't tell Grandma how good the meatballs were, you'll only upset her.
There are a whole lot of restaurants aiming to open up this fall, here are seven we're particularly excited for.
Yankee Stadium gets a new food stand tomorrow, and its operators are the same guys behind the incredibly popular SoHo spot Torrisi Italian Specialties.
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