Parks department

In a last-minute scramble to prevent its demolition, local astronomers managed to hold on to the observatory, which can fit three people inside.
The mayor's investment marks a slight increase from his previous proposal, while still falling far short of a pledge made on the campaign trail to dedicate 1% of the budget – or roughly $1 billion – to the city’s sprawling network of parks.
The Washington Square Park Conservancy was created to address largely horticultural issues in one of the city's best-known green spaces. Emails obtained by Gothamist show their influence extended to the types of businesses and activities allowed inside the park.
Advocates say that without safe and accessible housing options, Adams’s plan won’t reduce street homelessness.
Local lawmakers are putting pressure on Mayor Eric Adams to fulfill his promise to make New York City greener, despite a recent pledge from City Hall to revitalize parks around the boroughs.
Did you know there's a little secret built into the park's lampposts?
Everyone agrees the Riverside Park boat basin needs to be upgraded. Not everyone likes the city's plan: "This looked like the monstrosity on the Hudson."
Between Mulchfest, "Chipping Weekend," and street pick-up, here's how to discard your Christmas tree in NYC this year.
You could doom scroll on the couch for the latest deal, or get mobbed in a mall. But why not spend the day outside, soaking in the limited hours of sunlight?
Masks are required everywhere in the pool facility except in the water. And yes, you still have to bring a lock.
Those who opposed the curfew said they were intentionally barred from entering the meeting.
After a year in which some quality of life concerns took a back seat, the NYPD appears to be cracking down on park activity, including the impromptu gatherings that served as a lifeline for many in the last year.
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