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A sign posted on the fence reads, “Pickleball is no longer allowed in Seravalli Playground. Nearby courts are located at: J.J. Walker Park."

“It’s unusual,” one expert on hardy woody plants tells Gothamist, “but it’s very normal.”

Tourists said the port-a-potties at the Manhattan entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge was a lifesaver. But the city quickly put the kibosh on the commodes after a Gothamist inquiry.

Check out comedy, go ice skating, see some art. Get it in before holiday madness

It was the warmest New York City Marathon since the 1990s, race day weather reports say.

The increasingly popular paddle sport has taken the Manhattan community by storm, creating a battle for the city’s limited open asphalt space between players and parents.

Ryder was euthanized after his condition deteriorated, caretakers said.

In New York, the battle is currently raging through the West Village. Parents have compared the pickleball players to invaders.