Local officials and business owners voiced outrage
The mayor's investment marks a slight increase from his previous proposal, while still falling far short of a pledge made on the campaign trail to dedicate 1% of the budget – or roughly $1 billion – to the city’s sprawling network of parks.
Send a shell-pink flare into the sky, for the time of our erubescence is upon us. Cherry blossom trees around the city have started to bloom.
Local lawmakers are putting pressure on Mayor Eric Adams to fulfill his promise to make New York City greener, despite a recent pledge from City Hall to revitalize parks around the boroughs.
New Yorkers are passionate about the state of the city's public facilities for dogs.
"They lived a long good life, and they have a nice patina to them, and they're gonna retire in their current state, no botox, no fillers, no fresh coat of paint."
All but one of the leading Democratic mayoral candidates have pledged to double the expense budget for city parks.
Parks spokesperson Crystal Howard told Gothamist that they will not be permanently removed from the city's landscape, just relocated from playgrounds undergoing construction.
All visitors will start at Gansevoort, and walk north.
"We're gonna try a new approach," Mayor de Blasio said. "We're going to try it a few places where we've had particular problems. It's something we can apply to more and more places if it works."
The Parks Department announced on Monday that all dog runs and dog parks throughout the city will be closed as part of the city's efforts to maintain social distancing in public spaces.
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