Parking tickets

The city is potentially missing out on more than $100 million in unpaid parking tickets and fees from 2012 to 2019.
The app will expand to cover all 85,000 metered spots in the city by next summer.
Happy Bike To Work Week!
Open data analysis showed that the NYPD was issuing about 1.7 million dollars a year in tickets to cars that were legally parked.
The number of unpaid tickets plummeted when Bloomberg cracked down on delinquent diplomats, but has been on the rise in recent years.
The city will boot the cars of drivers who owe more than $350 in fines.
A tipster passed along this photo of the aftermath of a car fire on his Bushwick block and noted that it was "too good not to shoot."
If NYC had, say, an awards show for infuriating traffic citations (The Ritas?), this one would be high in the running.
The NYPD is on pace to to write nearly 269,597 fewer tickets for traffic violations this fiscal year than they did last year (which was already an eight-year low).
The former commissioner's car was there an hour, which would normally earn anyone who wasn't a top cop with a fancy placard a $115 ticket.
Parking tickets are about to get 33 percent more expensive for a lot of drivers.
Forbes has Forbes has taken to statistics and maps to better expose the sordid underbelly of what Andrea Peyser once referred to as those "malodorous, greedy, drunk and demented" foreign nationals.
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