Parking ticket

Fecal funny business.
We're the first to complain about people parking their whatever in a bike lane, but this story about a woman ticketed for parking in a bike lane that doesn't exist is just ridiculous.
This is by far the best video we've seen all week: Darth Vader haggling with a traffic cop over a parking ticket somewhere in Brooklyn.
Feeling better yet? The Parking Ticket Emotional Reclamation Project is aiming
Rep. Anthony Weiner, who recently showed off his social media skills
More proof of police quotas? A reader sent us this video of
Flickr user marklyon Last year, New Yorkers contested 3.2 million parking
Flickr user Hello Turkey Toe The city's Department of Finance is
Not even the sweet release of death can liberate you from
Flickr user ultraclay! That's the question Cliff Schuster asked himself before
Ryan Muir's Flickr With the rest of the budget looking bleak,
Just five more minutes, Dad! protested NYC drivers sick of expensive
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