Parking space

'When two New Yorkers get into an argument over a parking space, typically what happens is they exchange a few sharp words and then move on with their lives. But that is not what happened here.'
At his arraignment last year, Baldwin's lawyer said there was video that that proved he as innocent.
While he denies he punched him, Baldwin did allegedly say of his parking spot rival, 'He’s an asshole. He stole my spot. I did push him.'
Sources tell TMZ that both Baldwin and the other driver were shoving each other.
Investigators believe that the gunman was a "prospect" with the Hells Angels.
Cops recovered cocaine, weed and loaded firearms from the Park Slop brownstone.
This happened on Madison Avenue near 95th Street.
"This whole incident was his fault. The punch was an extraordinary one, according to witnesses with no ties to either side," the judge said.
Never mess with a man and his Dunkin' Donuts parking space: a LI man got into a fight with another driver over a Dunkin' parking spot, and ended up shooting at the other driver's car.
Well, except to move it for the street sweepers every morning at 7.
At the end of February, a petite 25-year-old Bronx woman named
(Courtesy CBS2) "I only hit the girl one time," says the
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