Parking placards

They reportedly towed about 30 cars to create parking spaces for attendees and players.
None of the mayor's new reforms aim to reduce the number of placards, or determine how many city employees actually need them to do their jobs.
There are roughly 124,000 city-issued parking placards out on the city's streets, and that figure doesn't include state-issued placards.
The defendants are getting charged with creating and using fake parking placards modeled on NYPD parking placards.
A person who runs @placardabuse said that Internal Affairs cops visited him to demand he stop tweeting complaints about illegal parking placard use.
A $300,000K late-model Ferrari bearing a police parking placard sat unattended in a No Standing Zone in Lower Manhattan yesterday afternoon.
Once again, Transportation Alternatives shows just how easy it is to get away with using a fake parking placard.
An NYPD Integrity Control Officer couldn't control his own integrity when his mom wanted a copy of his parking placard.
Assemblyman Nelson Castro If it wasn't bad enough that there are
The 144,160 parking placards registered in the city inventory have been reduced
Turns out the number parking placards sloshing around New York is over
Mayor Bloomberg has announced that the city will crackdown on the abuse
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